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Early years Foundation Skills - Essential for 0-3 year olds

Embrace the importance of early childhood

Did you know ... Our baby's brain grows faster than ever in their first 5 years?

KidooLand has always been committed to providing our local community with opportunities to learn and grow during this key stage. For the first time we are taking things to a deeper level and sharing our knowledge with parents in friendly and safe forums so together we can learn and grow. This month we would love to invite you to check out the SHAPING US Campaign The Duchess of Cambridge in the UK has launched a really interesting campaign "Shaping Us" . This very short film emphasises clearly how important the Ealry Years foundation skills are in your child's life. We've included one video below - you can find more on their website here

We think this is going to be THE campaign that will ensure all parents and educators get on board to the fact that the 0-5years is crucial for our baby into adulthood and also for society.

We invite you to watch these short videos (perfect for the busy parent) .. that will encourage and inspire us as parents so we can nurture our babies to toddlers and beyond.

ONE TO READ - Early Years Foundation skills

"This is my next Early Years read. I know there are a lot of baby books out there .. So why this one? As a NeuroLanguage coach I have learnt that understanding the brain is key to learning. In this book I like that through simple explanations we are trying to understand the brain and how babies tick - perfect for busy parents. It's been top of the Sunday Times best seller list for a long time and Kate has also been involved in the Shaping Us Campaign. I'll let you know what I think " Antonia - CEO of KidooLand


Maybe you prefer to learn on the go .. while on a run , in the car or gardening .. so perhaps Podcasts are your thing. The Happy Mum Happpy Baby is a great podcast I discovered and which actually alerted me to the fact the Duchess of Cambridge was so passionate about Early Years. EPISODE

Here is the follow up episode linked to the SHAPING US campaign . Essential listening :-)

What are the Early Years Foundation skills ?


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