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How Can My Child Become Bilingual with KidooLand?

How Can My Child Become Bilingual with KidooLand?

Deciding how your child can become bilingual depends largely on your goals and timeframe. At KidooLand, we offer three main pathways to bilingualism:

"Hi ..I get it - I was you many years ago. I had a toddler (2years old ) and a baby . They were speaking French but I had dreams of their future, a bright future where they could swithc with ease between English and French.

I wanted them to have no fear in either language and have perfect accents! I wanted them to have career opportunities and be able to travel the world. So I set up KidooLand.

My children are now fully bilingual , studying abroad and travelling the world. They learnt their English with me at KidooLand before going to Sartoux, Civ and Fenelon. " Antonia Beauvoisin-Brown

Every - single - client who calls us wants their child to have the same opportunities my children did.

They call and they usually have 1 of 3 pathways.

1 Test and Learn : This is for children who are just starting to learn English. It's a no-pressure approach, primarily available through our Holiday Camps during October, February, April, and the summer but also possible in our weekly programmes. It's a perfect no pressure option for seeing if your child enjoys learning English.

2. CIV School System Preparation for CP (6 years) : For children aiming to join the CP section of the semi-private school Sartoux Trois Collines in the CIV network, bilingualism is key. This requires a steady, long-term commitment to learning English, ideally starting from a very young age. Our program incorporates phonemes, nursery rhymes, Montessori-style activities, and immersive language experiences to build a solid foundation.

3. Fluency and Comfort: The most popular choice, this pathway gently guides children from the age of 4 towards fluency and comfort in English. By the time they reach college, they are already well-prepared for advanced studies, having English 'in the bag'. This comprehensive journey includes regular classes, familiarization with the language and culture, and building a strong community among our students and parents.

Most of our 7,500 clients have selected option number 3.

Most of them, go to semi prvate schools like Tramontane or Stanislas or are part of the public system .

Even though many schools provide English, parents want to ensure that their child is proficient in both English and French by the time they enter 6eme..

girl speaks english

Why KidooLand?

  • Personalised Learning: We get to know each child – their strengths, interests, and challenges. This helps us tailor our teaching methods to suit individual needs.

  • Community Building: Children become part of the KidooLand family, forming lasting friendships and enjoying a sense of belonging.

  • Structured Progression: From baby and toddler stages to kindergarten and beyond, our structured yet flexible curriculum ensures steady progress towards bilingualism.

For those that want to enter the CIV system for CP. You need to know you must be bilingual English French for the test in the Springtime of Grand Section and be showing that you have a capacty to learn quickly.

We have been doing this for nearly 17 years now and what we know, when we look back at the statistics is that a child needs to be comfortable speaking bilingually.

This cannot be fast tracked.

Usually you either have English at home / lived in an Anglophone country or you followed our programme gently but firmly for years.

Stepping stones to bilingual with KidooLand

bilingual pathway with kidooland
bilingual pathway with kidooland

Little Explorers @ The Baby Centre for Baby & Toddlers => Little explorers club with the parents you learn the phonemes for the English language through

nursery rhymes, art and play.

Playgroup becomes more structured. Early Years Foundation skills blending with Montessori style activities all in English. This total immersion up to 4 times a week is really putting your child’s ears in the bath so to speak.

Kindergarten 1&2 on Wednesday mornings is our next step. They are no in their French school but do a morning with us again immerged in the language. By now they are very familiar with the day to day words and flow of the English language.

The younger you start – the better the accent. It’s just a fact.

By now you are feeling very comfortable in English and you are ready for the accelerated programme.

Our Sartoux Preparation programmes are not for beginners. We can only work at this highest level with children confident in English. there is homework that is obligatory and your child's evolution is closely monitored to ensure they stay on track.

Each session and dedicated Stages Vacances then aim at deep diving on all the vocabulary domains. We work on lots of cognitive awakeneing activitvities, using brain friendly techniques that switch on the synapses and create longlasting connections in the brain. It is basically science and maths.

The science is getting the brain active and ready to learn and the maths is the number of hours and exposure in the target language.

It’s true children are sponges but it needs to be done over a period – they are after all children and hothousing is not the sensible approach.

Generally children are aiming for fluent proficiency for College and possibly to go to the CIV.


Our Approach:

  • Early Start, Better Accent: Starting young is key. Our programs for younger children focus on immersion and natural language acquisition.

  • Engaging Activities: We blend science and maths with language learning, stimulating the brain and making learning enjoyable and effective.

  • Tailored to Goals: Whether it's a relaxed introduction to English or intensive preparation for the CIV system, our programs are designed to meet diverse needs and aspirations.

In summary, whether your child is just starting to explore English, preparing for a bilingual education in the CIV system, or on a steady path to fluency, KidooLand is here to support your journey.

Each child's path is unique, and we are committed to making the journey enriching and enjoyable.

Need More Information? We're here to assist. Don't hesitate to reach out to us for guidance on the best pathway for your child.

Me and my kids when I started KidooLand

me and my kids now they are bilingual in 2024


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