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Lego Holiday Camp Stages Vacances STEAM

Lego Holiday Camp Stages Vacances

We are not always able to run Lego and Science holiday camps (Stages Vacances) quite simply because it requires a very specific skill set to be able to teach these classes in English here on the Côte d'Azur.

We are fortunate that this year we have Louis and Will on our team who are Lego masters and science geeks and love sharing their passion.

Our full day programmes blend a multitude of activities and challenges to keep these keen learners' minds engaged.

A typical day will consist of Lego challenges and construction followed by show and tell, theatre games and movement games to get rid of any excess energy, science experiments including hypothesising and interpreting the results .

These hands on activities are the complete opposite of what happens in school even through college where children (due to class size) have to sit and observe.

We recognise in this seismic technological shift we are experiencing that STEAM activities need to be at the forefront of all education.

So we are thrilled to be able to offer these as weekly classes but also every now and then as holiday camps.

Lego science holiday camps
Lego science holiday camps


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