MAB Educational Legacy Fund est. 23rd June 2022

MAB Educational Legacy fund - Why we are setting this up.

The education profession is a vocation dedicated to making a difference in our students' lives. Over the years, the best teachers we've worked with admit that teaching is not a "job", it"s a "calling".

For me personally, my purpose is to help children learn and change their future for the better.

Since 2007 KidooLand has helped over 7,000 children with their bilingual journey. Up until now, the extensive costs of running a business in the South of France has meant our classes have not been available to all. Read on to find out what we are going to be doing to change that and help even more children with their English learning.

Is Education in the Beauvoisin DNA?

I grew up hearing about my paternal family links to education.

In the late 1700s my French 3rd great grandfather left France on a voyage of discovery and settled in Lancashire, England where he started working as a French teacher. Records are sadly not extensive enough to tell me how that went but we can see that he did this for many, many years so hopefully he was successful.

By the mid 1900’s, my paternal grandparents had taken over and then ran a successful school in England called St Brendan’s. My Dad grew up within its walls and so often recounted the initiatives and ideas his parents had when running the school and of course some of the fun pranks he got involved in.

St Brendan's School Stanmore Beauvoisin the front garden was a tennis court.
St Brendan's School Stanmore

Photo credit Beauvoisin: St Brendan's School Stanmore. The front garden was a tennis court.

The times were very different and so my grandparents were quite strict but despite this I was pleased to read in the 1966 school magazine report that the headmistress, my grandmother was ;

“unique .. if the children need discipline, it is there, if they want kindness – it is there, if they want a bit of fun – it is forthcoming; if they want to work – she is way ahead, if they must learn HOW to work she is the one who will inspire them.”

Both my grandparents felt that “children are our main concern”.

St Brendan's School Magazine Middlesex 1966
St Brendan's School Magazine

I found this magazine in a bundle of papers my Dad gave me when he moved back to the UK.

To see how closely our own path with KidooLand was to my grandparents truly marked me.

My Dad was one of life’s learners, fascinated with language and its' etymology, he loved politics and current affairs, had an amazing knowledge of history and geography and was ever the teacher, keen to keep sharing this knowledge and passion for learning with all his family.

Tony Beauvoisin was a natural teacher always looking for opportunities to share the knowledge
Practical history lessons while touring Ireland

Photo credit ABB: A practical history lesson with the grandchildren in Ireland

It struck me as I wrote this article, that my siblings and I have all ended up as entrepreneurs running our own Training services. We work in different domains but we are all in education.

Last summer in 2021, in the middle of a double country quarantine between England and France, my Dad sadly passed away after a very long battle. I was very fortunate to get to spend some brief yet quality time with him in the July and I remember telling him how much impact his mentoring and education had on me and my siblings growing up.

Our parents forsake a lot to ensure we had the very best education.

We had many (challenging!) conversations if we did not meet expectations in our end of term school reports, which is a little ironic now managing Training centres. I also have his own school reports in my hand as he was quite the maverick too in class!

Education was key for him, of course we realise now because he literally grew up within a school, he knew the doors good education could open for you.

It was a great moment to be able to thank him for the investment he had made in our education, share what a difference it had made in our lives and those of his grandchildren.

I thanked him too for his complete belief and support in me as an entrepreneur.

He (and my mum ;-) ) lent me the money to open KidooLand's doors right at the beginning, which I was able to pay back over time and from then on, he always had my back and was ready at the end of the phone with advice whenever I needed.

We bounced around ideas and had invigorating debates on so many areas of the business. When I wanted to launch the Loft he was quick to offer his financial backing for the renovations. In the end we didn’t need that help but just knowing it was there gave me the psychological backing that is was ok to proceed.

He loved KidooLand and regularly told me how proud he was of what we were accomplishing. One promise I made to him was that I would make his legacy live on.

A tear rolled down his face and I knew that he was happy and proud that his children and grandchildren would be able to carry on the educational torch.